The MVCMP Project is tasked to develop several modules that are collectively referred to as “Monitoring Framework”. The principle with which the Framework is being built is that of “collecting information once and used several times”. The information that will be collected in the Framework will only be reported once by the Mines and subsequent sharing among the relevant Government institutions and agencies for them to perform respective duties and functions.

The MVCMP System Modules will be an Online, centralized system that will be accessed by the Mining Companies and Government Institutions/Agencies in the comfort of their respective offices. The modules will include Mineral Production Monitoring Module that will allow Mines to submit mineral production reports online and the Export Permit Application Module that will allow for the application of the Mineral Export Permits online as well.

In addition, the MVCMP is implementing verification capacity within the Regulatory Government Institutions and Agencies such as the procurement of handheld Mineral Analysis Equipment for spot Checks when clearing Export Bound Minerals, Mineral Analysis Laboratory for more accurate verification of mineral content.

Once the MVCMP Framework is rolled-out, it is envisaged that it will reduce the cost of compliance and doing business with Government by the Mining Companies and also the cost of monitoring and regulating on the part of the Government as the information will be accessed from a single centralized database.